Saturday, November 5, 2011

Finished my Lady Gaga swap pieces, at last!

For the Lady Gaga swap on the Den of Angels doll forum.  I love to do swaps, they get me to making things even when I don't really feel like it, and its a fun way to get new things and interact with other members.  I thought it was a brilliant idea for a swap and I couldn't wait to begin, but alas I was uninspired for the longest time, I simply could not think of anything to make!

Finally I found this super fun stretch lace in ivory with silver glitter dots and decided to make a short kimono.  Lady Gaga wears a lot of lace, and black and white, and my partner indicated that they would prefer the more high fashion Gaga to the crazypants meat dress Gaga  :P  The black studded ribbon trim made a very Gaga-ish obi belt (and saved me from making a corset/waist cincher!) that had a proper rebel feel.  She has some gold lame underpants on under it, and I made a silver sparkly hair bow and Mickey Mouse sunglasses and a cute little paper parasol  :)     I finished it just in time, and got it in the mail on the very. last. day.

modeled by Olive, my Domuya Fin (the wig and boots were not included)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

The finished Rockabilly passport covers :)

Here are the finished passport covers, already on their way to a new home  :)
fortunately traditional style tattoo designs are very simple and graphic, lots of nice black outlines and bright fun colors  :P 

New Kindle comparison pics!

I ordered the new Kindle!  This is the new one that is just called "Kindle" on the Amazon website, the $79.00 one.  This is the one that is in stock and ready to order, there are two other kindles (Kindle Touch and Kindle Fire) that are not available until November.  It is VERY small!  They should have called it the Kindle Squeeeeee or something :P    ***note that it still has the shiny plastic on it from shipping***
Here is a shot of it with a Kindle 2 and a Kindle 3 (kindle keyboard now)

Here is a shot of the new Kindle and the Nook Touch.  New kindle is about the same height, maybe a smidge taller, and a bit skinnier.  It also has new screensavers/sleep images (no more dead authors) letters, fountain pens and assorted letter-ish things.

I wish Amazon had called it something besides just kindle, like Pocket Kindle or Kindle Mini.  It will be veeery confusing having so many kindle types running around.

Here's a shot of the backs of Nook Touch and new Kindle.  The kindle has a smooth flat back, slightly rubberized.  The USB port and power button are centered on the bottom edge.  I think those two dots on the back just above the bottom may be light powering doohickeys for the lighted cover.

Finally, a happy family portrait of all of my eReader models  :)
Nook Color and Kindle 2 in the back
lower row, from left to right- Kindle Keyboard (K3), new Kindle, and Nook Touch

off to play with my new Kindle!  (squeeeeeeeee!!)

Monday, September 26, 2011

An interesting request- Rockabilly his and hers passport covers

A fun little request for some rockabilly passport covers!  Still working on a 'manly' hot rod version (pin-ups and flames maybe?)
Its printed on white cardstock and then very carefully cut out and fixed to some cute pink leopard print cardstock.   I think if I make more I'll create my own leopard print background and skip the tedious cutting out bits :P

Friday, September 23, 2011

Fun with Sharpies

So I bought this mega-pack of Sharpie markers a few weeks ago on a trip to the grocery store.  I got two packs, one big one, and one that had "80's brights" or something like that.  I've been doodling on bristol and cardstock with them, but today I decided to give ornaments a go  (my mom has about a million of these flat bisque ornaments that she paints on and she gave me some to play with, thanks mom!)

First I did a quick peacock feather, using a real one that the neighbor's peacock left behind on a visit as an example.  Then I dug out a Dover book of vintage butterflies and got to work!  I did a light pencil sketch of the basic outlines and then just started filling it in.  Who knew that the humble Sharpie could create such pretty things?
A few accents with metallic paint pens and a hit of glitter, then a few coats of clear spray sealer and voila!  I just need to seal the backs and add some pretty ribbon  :)
Now if someone could just teach me how to tie a decent bow I'll be all set for Christmas  :P

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

on tiny leopard dots

I've recently discovered the pure awesomeness that is Spoonflower!  Adventures in fabric design AND some pretty darn cool fabrics to drool over (yum!)

In my browsings I came across the most wonderful tiny leopard print imaginable.  It's destined to be a tee shirt in soft cotton in 1/3 doll size, with a pencil skirt and perhaps some tiny fishnets for Olive, my Domuya Fin BJD.  I had it printed on the organic cotton knit, which is lovely soft and supple knit, very nice to the touch.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Must try to get some work done :P  
Excited about the swap with RainbowFabrics on etsy!  fabric for kindle cover = win!

Must work on Red dolly swap for Den of Angels.

Draw some fairies for Mellie.

clean house.  a clean house is important.  or so I hear.

here's Bob Junior in the bluebonnets. isn't she a pretty kitty?